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Reserves and Other Early Warning Indicators Predict Crises After All

With aftershocks of the recent global financial earthquake still being felt in some parts of the world, it would be useful to have a set of Early Warning Indicators to tell us what countries are most vulnerable.    Nobody should be surprised that it is hard to forecast crises with high reliability;    low-risk opportunities for profits are never easy to find.   Thus it is especially hard to predict the timing of a crisis.  Some economists, however, are skeptical that Early Warning Indicators (EWIs) have any useful predictive ability at all.  A common assessment is that EWIs have failed, in the sense that in each historical round of emerging market crises (1982, 1994-2001, 2008) those particular variables that appeared statistically significant in that round did not perform well in the subsequent round.   This is not the right conclusion.

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